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Fall 2020 in partnership with Glazed Over Studios and Baycats - OCNJ

This is not a school but a supplemental/enrichment (tutoring) opportunity that includes hands on learning through art and nature.

Cooperative - working or acting together willingly for a common purpose or benefit.

Who: Grades 1 - 5

When: Cohort O Thursdays 9-3

Cohort C Tuesdays 9-3

Why: Because we need to be connected during these unprecedented times.

Where: Glazed Over Studios (704 Asbury)

BayCats (316 Bay Ave) *during Sept/Oct

How: Support Hybrid and Virtual models for schools; while offering hands on project based art, math, science, language, movement, and so much more.

Who: Glazed Over Staff including NJ Certified Teacher and assistants

Kids Reading Outdoor

We will be facilitating 

Art, nature and mindfulness modalities to support Project Based learning across grade levels. Learning will be integrated through connection, exploration and experiential experiences.

Let's just have some fun and joy throughout our day! Let's get messy!!

Let's be kind humans!

Let's work hard and be nice!

Begins:  9/15/20

limited spaces

max.10 students per day.

2200 square feet at GO

open air learning at BC

Pricing: $75 per day

 (includes all supplies and activities: art, kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding and more.

We are asking for a six week commitment

6 x $75 = $450 per session $12.50 per hour


for more information please email jenn at

704 Asbury Avenue, Ocean City, NJ 08226


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